First Communion photos

Communion photosI do all kinds of first Communion photos both in the studio and outdoors. I also do reports on the day of Communion in the Church during the ceremony.

Here are some pictures taken in outdoors reports of communion.
We meet a few days before the communion, when you have the costume ready, and go somewhere with a special charm to take pictures with you and your boy or girl. In outdoors, the children are much more easily relaxed and is much easier to get their best profiles.

Now some sample pictures of study sessions. They are also taken before the communion date, when the dress are ready. There must be time for reminders and bookmarks, of course.

Finally, in some cases, a group of parents agrees to let us to be the Photographers of the church where their children take their first communion. Are photos reporting the same day of the event.

These jobs can be finished in different ways:

  • in a web gallery to select the pictures and be able to view and share with family and friends near and far.
  • We can also print on paper copies and make reminders and bookmarks or any other type of finish.

But the star finishing for a report of communion or for a eight years report is a hight quality digital book printed and binded by ourselves.

design digital albums of First Communion photos

An album of communion photos:

Another album of communion photos:

And a last album of communion photos: