wedding report fares

I can not give a specific price for a wedding repport because every wedding is different. And each couple as well.

In a photo wedding report it is not the same as going to a wedding for an hour and go out with 100 photos …
as go to a wedding for two days with a team of three photographers (each with two cameras hanging) and exit with over 10,000 photos.

Or in a video report, go one camera for two hours and resume in 10 minutes a ceremony
as come four camera operators, two drone operators, a crane operator etc.

We can make a nice souvenir or make real cinema. And everything is valid. I do not care what kind of partners you are. If those who just want a nice souvenir or those who prepare yourselves a holiday that will deserve to be remembered on the big screen. In any case, I will do my best.

awarded photo after the final emphasis

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